Our History

Ingemann Data A/S is a Danish public limited company with a staff of around 25 employees currently operating in 8 countries on 3 continents and expanding to many more.

We started in the year 2000 as a trading company expanding in 2007 to Nicaragua with the purchase, distribution, and sales of honey and cocoa. Since then we have been the entry point to the world market for 2,500 producers of honey and cocoa in Nicaragua and export their products to 40 countries incl. Germany, Belgium, France, Denmark, and the USA. After a few years with lower earnings due to climate challenges, we decided to strengthen the climate resilience of our supply chain by empowering our producer base with proactive agroclimatic information.

Therefore, in 2016 we started the development of a methodology, which effectively correlates climate data with soil conditions, crop behavior, livestock specificities, and good agricultural practices into advanced modeling. It analyzes diverse variables which, on a scientific basis, allows us to identify and quantify the opportunities and risks related to agricultural production in the midst of climate change.

With currently more than 262 crops, 2357 varieties of crops, over 110 different types of cattle, and 482 types of grass plus 21 international climate models and enriched by satellite imagery, our platform is calibrated until 2050 offering a broad array of possibilities and scenarios for our clients.

Agroclimatica is established as a bioclimatic data platform that provides risk scores based on scientific data of climate, soil, crop, livestock, and their respective good agricultural practices. We identify and quantify the risks and opportunities related to agricultural financing and insurance.

Since launching in Central and South America as well as Kenya and preparing for India, the reception and assimilation of Agroclimatica has been very positive and many financial institutions are now working on including the agroclimatic risk scoring along with the traditional financial risk score as part of their standard internal processes when assessing agricultural credit applications.

As we see how Agroclimatica presents interesting business opportunities while sustainably promoting SDGs 1, 2, 8, and 13 in those countries, we aim to rapidly grow and bring this innovative methodology and agroclimatic information to other countries and continents.

Our mission is to promote long-term sustainable financial inclusion and climate-smart agriculture globally.

Our vision is to support efforts towards food security and the eradication of poverty by promoting economic growth through climate-smart solutions that foment financial inclusion.

Our Management

Niels Ingemann

Founder and President

25 years experience at management level in global commodity and food production and trading. 10 years as president of global food companies.

20 years experience as an entrepreneur starting up many companies.

Lars Saquero Møller

Chief Executive Officer

Leading the development and execution, managing the overall operations and resources at Ingemann.

Our International Team

I am Carlos,
Agro meteorologist

I am Amado,
Head of Agronomist Technicians

I am Moises,
Country Director

I am Cristofer,
SR Full-Stack Developer

I am Juan,

I am Abner,
Agronomist Technician

I am Marvin,
Climate Analyst

I am Oscar,
Data Technician

I am Kevin,
Junior Developer

I am Ulises,
Junior Developer

I am Rolando,
Field Technician

I am Jarol,
Climate Analyst

I am Ronaldo,
SR. Developer

Our Partners