How accurate is the data provided by

The results of the Agroclimatic scores are validated locally with independent consultants and present 92% perceived precision.

Industry professionals perceive the information to be valuable and helpful


feel more informed and confident to make decisions


are willing to approve more credits in the agricultural sector
Customer Testimonials
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Impact and Results
Benefits that Agroclimatica provides

Create transparency & quantify the exposure to agroclimatic risks


Reduce operational costs


Increase & diversify your agricultural loan portfolio while reducing risks


Increase financial inclusion


Create and enable the design of climate-smart financial products


Reduce losses caused by climate


Increase crop and livestock yield


Improve access to agricultural insurances


Strengthen decision-making through a climate-smart tool with scientific data


Sale and apply agricultural inputs based on agroclimatic information

Our goal is to support our partners and clients to strengthen their decision-making through transparency in the risk profile of the agricultural portfolio, ensuring that they and their end clients are enabled to have a good, climate-smart business within a win-win relationship.

Our Technical Assistance Methodology
Since launching we have measured the following improvements in the businesses of 2.500 end-users in Nicaragua. The impact has been proven as producers have increased up to 25% of their net income.
our supply chain moved-style
Impact on Producers

The information provided by the platform allows me to plan the activities on the farm better and to know which varieties of coffee are the best fit for my farm. The platform identified the problem I have in the soil and it also helps me to learn not only about coffee but also about other crops such as corn and beans, the information is truly very useful for all of us as producers.

Guillermo Peralta, coffee and grains producer in Jinotega, Nicaragua

Family Economy

It is very important to continue helping women who want a better future and work to help and contribute to the economy of your home.

Jahaira Espinoza